Data that means growth

Actionable knowledge

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Data that go above and beyond

A full suite of powerful features that turbocharge your plans

Accurate, aggregated, and consolidated

Get out of the research phase faster with Dathic Analysis

Stop spending on discovery route-trips and losing opportunity time.
Know the difference between markets

Get specific with Dathic Microtargeting

Using billions of data points from reputable and proprietary sources, we show you the distinctions within groups that can be the difference between sales spikes and wasted marketing.

Find your brand with  Product Locator Plus

Our Product Locator Plus gives you automated product location information so you always know where your brand is sold and where can go next.
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Dathic means better actionable data, faster

Move forward with confidence
with Dathic Growth

Each decision you face is a pressure point.

Dathic is your 24/7 advisor, fully outfitted with your target market specs and historical data, and powered by AI-generated recommendations.
Steffi launched using Ollie in under a week.

The Dathic difference

Highest quality data sources
In-house community insights
Modern segmentation approach
Automatic data consolidation across reports
Helps hold down research and staffing costs
Proactively identifies blind spots in distribution chain
Integrative sales dashboard
Predictive analytics
Uses microsegmentation
Accelerates confident decisions
Speed up results and hold down costs

Get ahead of the pack by going the better route.

Your competitors rely on buying multiple generic data reports, consolidating data sets, spend months in research stage, and time and money on discovery route-trips. Dathic puts all that in your rear-view mirror.
  • White-glove setup
  • One-click reports
  • 1:1 onboarding
  • User-friendly tools
  • Personalized queries
  • Actual human support

Data-backed insights

Numbers that matter, recommendations that work, and predictions that prove out.

For sales

  • Improve distribution and sales spend efficiencies
  • Identify new markets with subtle socio-demographic and cultural information
  • Increase distribution with proof of traction and real potential
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For marketing

  • Build data-driven ROI strategies with confidence
  • Know your markets and connect authentically
  • Research quicker by generating proof points with a single click
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Let's find your brand's next superfans.