About Us

Data on a mission.

In 2017, Laura Rocha and José Daniel Ramirez traveled to the US from Colombia as consultants for international clients. They quickly realized all the data available about the US Latino community was lacking, jumbled, and often inaccurate.

Rocha and Ramirez saw that this showed up as homogenous and confused grocery shelves. And they saw that family recipes (everyone's favorite connection to their culture of origin) were difficult for many people to recreate in their homes.

With a consumer base hungry for products and companies hungry for sales, Dathic was founded in 2020 with a mission to connect consumer brands with their superfans.

Enriching people’s lives by harnessing the power of data science

Built on quality
Rock-solid data sources, with methodologies and tech developed in partnership with organizations like Google and Stanford Business School.
Powered by AI
Our software is designed to turbocharge your efforts at every opportunity through rapid analysis of billions of data points, scenario modeling, and trend spotting.
Driven by shared successes
Dathic works hand-in-hand with each client to understand their business, their barriers, and their goals.  When you win, we win.

The Dathic team

Laura Rocha

Co-founder and CEO
Laura holds a masters of Public Administration from New York University and a Law degree from her native Colombia. She has worked as a consultant for CPG companies, government agencies, and not-for-profits in the US by implementing technology and innovation to better serve communities. While in Colombia, Laura worked on public and private sector projects aiming to help vulnerable communities.

José Daniel Ramirez

Co-founder and CTO
José Daniel holds a Masters in Computer and Data Science from Columbia University. He has worked passionately to develop and implement machine learning models in the financial sector and apply technology to solve social issues in various communities. Working as Chief Technology Officer for more than 12 years, he has helped governments and companies prosper using automation and artificial intelligence. One of his creations earned him the recognition of Social Innovator Under 35 by MIT.

Santiago Alvarez

Software Engineer
Santiago is a software engineer specializing in front-end development. His experience includes serverless infrastructure working with mobile and web technologies. His passion is building the best user experience and beautiful UI.

Matías Macías

Data Scientist
Matías is a data scientist with a background in experience design engineering, with a focus on user-centric approaches.

Juan Jose Giraldo

Software Engineer
Juan Jose is a developer with experience as data engineer and backend development. His experience in the healthcare industry gives him a special appreciation for data handling.

Innovation is in our roots

Dathic’s innovative nature started at the beginning: NYU 2019 Entrepreneurial Institute’s Summer Launchpad. We were then selected for the highly competitive Catalyst and Next Round programs, then Blackstone’s LaunchPad & TechStars Spring Fellowship in 2021. Google for Startups selected us in 2022, the same year we appeared in Forbes Magazine.

Our total dedication to continuous improvement and creating the best tech solution possible has been recognized by the backing of leading venture capital firms such as The Fund, 2048 Ventures, NYU Innovation Venture Fund, First Row Partners and various future-thinking angel investors.

Let's find your brand's next superfans.