Unmatched data + insight

Dathic makes the difference

Dathic makes the difference

Win over US diverse markets through micro-segmentation & actionable recommendations
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Coding is  

The only analytics platform with community-specific recommendations
powered by AI and in-house cultural knowledge

US Latino market

$2.1 trillion

in current spending power

60 million

current consumers


faster growth than any other segment
Young, diverse, and proud of their cultures

60% of US Latinos are millennials, or younger

Twenty percent of the US 18 - 24 demographic identify as Latino, and their culture is a major influence on how they spend and the brands they support.

The Dathic difference in three steps.

Step 1
More than census data.

Reveal the cultural nuances of your shoppers by zooming into any local store, zip code, or region.

More than visualizations.

Tailor your strategies by community, location, and channel to meet your diverse shoppers where they are, online and in-store.

More than reports. Recommendations.

Make fast, confident, and cost-effective decisions to market, distribute, and expand your brand.

We'll show you how.

Dathic for CPGs

Grow sales and distribution by making fast, confident decisions.

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Dathic for Marketing Agencies

Drive ROI through tailored strategies and real connection.

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Let's find your brand's next superfans.