Unmatched data + actionable insights

Dathic makes the difference

Dathic makes the difference

Insights and analytics solutions built for
growing brands that don't want to go blind.
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Coding is  

Put your local shoppers at the core of all strategies
with Dathic's Insights & AI-powered Analytics solutions.

The US market is broad and diverse, one size doesn’t fit all

50k stores

analyzed per month

30k local

communities analyzed


faster and more effective strategies
From Know to Grow

Every new shelf means a new community to gain!

Navigate local markets with confidence by knowing your product placement, shopper diversity, and top retailer opportunities. Own your growth journey with micro-segmentation and data leading the way!

The Dathic difference in three steps.

Step 1
More than data. Actionable Insights.

Zoom into your local shoppers, stores and product location through dynamic data & actionable insights.

More than analysis. Recommendations.

Tailor your strategies by community, location, and channel to meet your shoppers where they are, online and in-store.

More than reports. Optimizations.

Make fast, confident, and cost-effective strategies to market, distribute, and expand your brand in the right location.

We'll show you how.

Dathic Product Locator

A beautiful map to direct shoppers to buy, with actionable insights to fuel your growth.

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Dathic Analysis

Take the guesswork out and optimize your marketing, distribution and sales strategies.

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Let's find your brand's next superfans.